Derogatory term used by programmers to refer to the non-programmers ("suits") they deal with at work.
Example Citation:
As I've said before, the thought that we're paying the salaries of 30,000 federal employees to studiously search the make-up pouches of middle-aged women means only one thing: The Stupids are in charge.
— Kathleen Parker, "While The Stupids are in charge — drive," Sun-Sentinel, March 6, 2002
Earliest Citation:
"Man, you are just as stupid as I thought! No wonder I don't want to live in your stupid city! You're nothing but a bunch of stupids! You don't deserve me! I'm outta here!"
— Mike Downey, "Perhaps it's merely a phase that will pass if and when Brian Bosworth grows up," Los Angeles Times, July 8, 1987
This term almost certainly comes from the series of children's books by Harry Allard and James Marshall chonicling the life and times of the Stupid family (The Stupids Step Out, The Stupids Die, etc.). It predates the Tom Arnold movie The Stupids, although the latter no doubt helped to popularize the term.
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